7 Rivers Farm

Agroforestry & Skills Development


Our third area of focus is sustainable farming using agroforestry, harmonizing trees, crops and animals interspersed on the same land, which is both ecologically and economically superior.

Our hope is that the sale of produce and products from the farm will fund our Christian educational and social worker staff, provide food assistance to foster homes, provide work for our Christian foster parents, and train locals in agroforestry entrepreneurship.

We are currently working to develop a skills-development centre in which locals will be trained in various skills such as beadwork, carpentry, welding, baking, sewing, herbs, soaps, candles, poultry, and beekeeping to make marketable products.

We also want to provide basic accounting and business planning seminars to help trainees get jobs or start up small businesses that can flourish in our community.