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Our Outreach


Our first area of focus (first in time and priority) is compassion ministry, moral teaching, and evangelistic outreach in the community. This was Jesus’ model of gospel ministry (Matthew 4:23, 9:35). Here are some of the things God has led us to do at present:

• For years, our team has been involved with making home visits to talk to our neighbours about medical, social, moral and spiritual needs. We talk about health, hygiene, drinking water, nutrition, and medicines available at nearby clinics, and we weave these ideas together with a biblical worldview, God’s unchanging moral truths, and the saving, transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

• We are attending, supporting, and guiding churches that are being planted in the towns and rural communities surrounding 7 Rivers.

• We are mentoring men and women who are prospective leaders and pastors of area churches.

• The team provides educational assistance in the local schools, and some have been involved in after-school ministry to local children. In November, we give small Christmas gifts to local school children and faculty at a special school event.

• Every other month, we host a “verse shop” at 7 Rivers, allowing local residents to earn several articles of clothing by reciting Scripture they have memorised and listening to a gospel presentation.

• In time, we hope to use 7 Rivers as a teaching point for a local seminary and to create a local Biblical counselling centre.

• In time, we also desire to start a distribution centre for isiZulu-language sermons, books, and discipleship material, and to have our staff involved in writing and translating other good materials.